Flesh & Bone #3: A Conversation with Wadada Leo Smith

This project is not only about the story but more about what we are able to reflect and discuss as a result of incidents like this. Most of our days are not spent running from mobs, but dealing with the everyday struggles of life. In that regard I wanted to have discussion with a variety of people that might shed light on their experiences, ideas and contradictions. These conversations are meant to find other stories bind with them, but also to allow the participants to help shape the work that is being developed. In certain ways they are part of a set of "creative advisers."

Trumpeter, composer and educator Wadada Leo Smith has been a major force in contemporary music for over 40 years. He was an early member of Chicago’s legendary AACM, joining in 1967 and co-founded the Creative Construction Company, a trio with Leroy Jenkins and Anthony Braxton in the late 60s. Among many accomplishments Wadada was a finalist for the 2013 Pulitzer Prize in music. Until 2014 Wadada Leo Smith was professor of Music at the California Institute of the Arts, and the director of the MFA program in African American Improvisation. I was lucky enough to have a moment to talk with him at the 2015 Chicago Jazz Festival.

*I will preface this audio segment by saying that this was meant to be a discussion you are listening in on and not an interview. It's not my attempt to be a Terry Gross, Tavis Smiley or Charlie Rose.