New Places, New Faces, New Things

We’ve just played three shows in towns that I’ve never been to before and did not know what to expect. Originally these set of shows were initiated by a request for the band (People, Places & Things) by the presenter David Braun in Maribor, Slovenia. I was flattered by the invite, but it was really out of the way of what we were planning. He thought so highly of the Proliferation record that he took it upon himself to contact other promoters in the region. Hence we were able to play Vienna, Maribor and then Szechvaherar in Hungary.

The excitement was well worth it, Heinz Henning in Austria turned a traditional Viennese beer hall into a packed jazz listening venue. Levente Dudas in Szechavherar, didn’t let us lift a finger to move our own bags and took every opportunity to attend to our needs (and anything we didn’t need). It’s incredibly flattering to have these promoters so excited and proud to have us perform at the venues. It’s a true labor of love and one that’s really appreciated. What’s also shocking is the Fans (yes I said fans) that come out and buy CDs. We had visitors from s far as 200 km and in one week we’ve sold 80 records (people still buy them in Europe!)

In Maribor, David Braun was the ultimate pro, completely attentive and cool. He seems to have similar responsibilities in music programming as I do (working on regular music series of Jazz/Improvised music and organizing festivals and funding). I felt an automatic kinship and understanding of what his day must be like having us come to town while having to juggle 20 different things. Thanks a lot David, we’ll see you next month in

PP&T with Heinz in Vienna

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