Over the last two years I’ve performed in Poland on 6 different trips. In just about every instance I have in some way either performed in the town of Wroclaw, or with musicians and artists from there. During my first trip, with Rob Mazurek, I was able to make the acquaintance of trumpeter Artur Majewski and drummer Kuba Suchar. The two had established a long time Chicago influenced quartet called Robotobibok and a newer duo Mikrokolektyw.
Through these two like minded musicians, I (and others Chicagoans) have befriended an association of musicians, artists, photographers and organizers that mirros a spirit of cultural development and community that can be seen in Chicago. Working out of a three story building, the community seems connected under the OPT organization (a multi-genre arts organization).  OPT has been the primary venue that I have performed at when in Wroclaw,  at which they house dedicated recording and filming equipment. In addition the organization hosts varied arts workshops, plays, and rents space to apiring artists. Looking towards the future I’m hoping to be able to play host in Chicago to some of these artists, the duo of Mikrokolektyw is being scheduled to perform in Chicago this coming September.
Check out an mp3 from their forthcoming record here

The hospitality, creativeness, ingenuity of the folks associated with OPT makes it no wonder why returning to Poland is such a pleasure.

Above Photo:
Here are SOME of the friends from Wrocalw from left to right
OPT Organizer Dawid Bargenda, Drummer Kuba Suchar, Trumpeter Artur Majewski, Photographer Bartek Szewczykowski, Vibraphonist Marcin Ciupidro, Sound engineer Michal Kupicz

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