In 2005 I was among a new group of musicians that was inducted to the AACM. In the spring of 2008 one of the AACM’s most noted members delivered to the world his long awaited text and “history “ of the AACM. George Lewis’ book, A Power Stronger Than Itself, not only serves to recount, document and analyze the success and struggle of the organization, but also to set forth a gauntlet of challenge for the future of this acclaimed and influential body. Now in it’s fourth decade the organization has once again positioned itself to display the strength, skill and creativeness that is the heart of our engagement in the communal experience of music and spirituality.

I was honored enough to be nominated and then elected Vice Chairperson for the organization. It also marked a historical moment for the organization since three of the five offices elected were filled by women. The total executive committee now consists of:

Nicole Mitchell – Chairperson
Mike Reed – Vice Chairperson
Tomeka Reid – Treasurer
Saalik Ziyad – Secretary
Coco Elyeses – Dean of the School.

We've set forth our goals for the forthcoming year and are hoping to reinvigorate the organization. The first sign of our new regime is This weekend's Nomadic Sound Experiment, a new AACM performance series which I'm heading up. This bi-monthly series will be traveling showcases and feature two performances at each event. The goal is to present concerts in a variety of settings around the Chicago land area (hence the Nomadic title), emphasize original music or concept, partner with arts organizations that will help promote the events and provide production infrastructure, reach out to new audiences (from Highland Park to Tinley Park and then some). 

The first installment will take place this Saturday:

the AACM Presents  
Nomadic Sound Experiment #1:
7pm June 13th, 2009
The Southside Community Art Center
3831 S. Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL

Set I
Dee Alexander – vocals
James Sander – violin
Tomeka Reid – cello
Junius Paul – bass

Set II
Nicole Mitchell – flutes
Tomeka Reid – cello
Jovia Armstrong – percussion

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