I got news today that Lorenzo Brower passed away back in March. For anyone that was fortunate enough to have  been at Fred Anderson's original Velvet Lounge Lorenzo was known as one of the old regulars. For much of his later life he was confined to a wheelchair, but it never kept him from hanging out at the Velvet as late and as often as possible. He was nothing less than a vocally opinionated man that didn't pass up a chance to talk up the ladies. He also never seemed to fade in his ability to make himself heard to people on the bandstand, especially when throwing out vocal encouragement ...”ah yeah drummer man, that's it!”

His encouraging vocals (and sometimes accompanying vocals) was a sure sign of a happening set,  Lorenzo's quick exit would be a definite way to find out if things weren't happening. I played the old Velvet many times, but none as memorable as when I'd play there with The David Boykin Expanse. Lorenzo would never let David end a night unless he played his song (“that one tune I like”) Big and Fine. David would always agree, there was no way you could say no because he truly did love it.

People, Places & Things recently recorded Big and Fine with David Boykin. Here's the track, which I'll  dedicate to Lorenzo, RIP. 

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