Documenting A Brief Moment in Civilazation

Clifford Jordan (left) and John Neely (right) at a South Side recreation center, around 1949 When I originally conceived the idea for my quartet People, Places & Things the original focus was on investigating and reinventing some…Read more

Something to do in November

Over the past couple of years I've gotten the chance to perform very frequently in Poland. To non-musicians there is a curiosity as to why? Trying to explain in words the vibrant energy and reception that I and other Chicago…Read more

A New CD & Preview Night

After a bit of a delay the new People, Places & Things record has finally arrived. Instead of doing a CD release show, we’ve decided to do a CD preview event at the Hideout Wednesday August 5. We’ll get started…Read more


In 2005 I was among a new group of musicians that was inducted to the AACM. In the spring of 2008 one of the AACM’s most noted members delivered to the world his long awaited text and “history “ of…Read more


 I got news today that Lorenzo Brower passed away back in March. For anyone that was fortunate enough to have  been at Fred Anderson's original Velvet Lounge Lorenzo was known as one of the old regulars. For much of his…Read more


Over the last two years I’ve performed in Poland on 6 different trips. In just about every instance I have in some way either performed in the town of Wroclaw, or with musicians and artists from there. During my…Read more

UPDATE: From My last post

Thanks to all for your kind thoughts, wishes and concern.

One thing I failed to mention in my last post:
To show some type of gratitude to the the "officer" who helped us out during the riot, the…Read more

Same old shit...but with Nazis

Sorry, but since I'm not the greatest writer below is the best way that I could report on the events of April 3, 2009. You can see a shaky clip that we uploaded to youtube. This might give you a…Read more

New Places, New Faces, New Things

We’ve just played three shows in towns that I’ve never been to before and did not know what to expect. Originally these set of shows were initiated by a request for the band (People, Places & Things) by the presenter…Read more

Home away from home

I have always had an interesting relationship with The Netherlands. My mom primarily grew up in Holland after her family emigrated from Indonesia, post WW II (Indonesia being a former Dutch colony). Although, separated by thousands of miles there has…Read more