Flesh & Bone #2: Following Up

If you followed my last post you read the story of the harrowing encounter myself and bandmates had in the Czech Republic in 2009 (If you don't know what I'm talking about, please see the previous post)

A few weeks after the incident I was able to follow up with this:

UPDATE: From My last post 

To show some type of gratitude to the the "officer" who helped us out during the riot, the best that we could offer was a copy of our CD. His english was less than "ideal" so we didn't even get his name. Well it turns out that he found us through our label, 482 Music. 

Here's what he posted:
Hi friends, your music is very nice, Thanks for your CD. I hope your travel to Poland was less problem.This day in Prerov was crazy day! It is not normal in Czech Republic! :-)
Nice to meet you. Good Luck!
Petr Kozak
Thank you Petr!