Best of...The Hungry Brain

In January of 2001 Josh Berman and myself began the Sunday Transmission series at the Hungry Brain. Since then we've presented different Jazz and Improvised Music every week and combined our efforts into the Umbrella Music group, which programs different concert around Chicago each week. After many late night discussions about how to celebrate the 10 year anniversary we came up with an idea to make the festivities last an entire year. Starting on January 9th, 2011 we will showcase a special “best of” night along the regular weeks of programming. We also hope to record each show and release a limited edition compilation recording along with a hand made book and possible video.

Here's a list of some confirmed shows that will be part of the anniversary program.

January 9             AGOGIC featuring Andrew D'Angelo and Coung Vu
February 20         Available Jelly
April 10                Misha Mengleberg Solo & Han Bennink Solo
May 15                The Engines with John Tchicai
July 31                 Jeff Parker Trio with Chris Lopes and Chad Taylor
September 11      Lotte Anker, Craig Taborn & Gerald Cleaver
October                Fred Lonberg Holm Valentine Trio
December            People, Places & Things

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