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I spent most of last week in the studio working on two new releases [if there’s anyone out there who I haven’t responded to in the last month it’s because I was trying to get ready for these recordings…sorry]. Because of the schedule I keep this period is one of the usual times of a year that I try to produce as much recorded material as possible and then take forever getting it out. 

I’ve uploaded some new tracks to listen to from both projects

#1 People, Places & Things:
We just recorded a majority of the follow to the debut record Proliferation. Since the first record was concerned with re-inventing and re-investigating Chicago music from 1954-60, this album (entitled About Us), focuses its’ attention to the Chicago jazz improvised scene of today. Among our own material we’ve enlisted Jeff Parker, David Boykin and Jeb Bishop to join the quartet on a track, which will also feature one of their compositions. 
Here’s the title track, About Us written by me and a piece written by Jason Roebke called It’s Enough.

Greg Ward – alto, Tim Haldeman – tenor, Jason Roebke – bass, Mike Reed - drums

#2 My Silence:
This is a new project which draws more from contemporary production methods. The improvisations are much more sculpted and with fast attention to editing, it is definitely a studio project, which we’re adapting to perform live. 

All of the music on these tracks are collaborative:

Nick Butcher – electronics, guitar, wurlitzer, Jason Stein – bass clarinet, Mike Reed – drums, baritone ukulele, acoustic bass

*These tracks are un-mixed or mastered.

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