Rollin and Tumbling

We’re two shows into a European tour with People, Places & Things. While I’m writing this we’re on our way to Cologne, and yes they have free wifi on the train (U.S. please take a lesson on rail travel). Anyway, so far the shows have been great, I’m really wondering what we’re going to get to by the end of this tour. The responses have been great and a lot of the people have been taking us home with them in the form of CDs (yes some people still buy them).

Anyway, I’ll keep you all up to date about the shows and hope to post some live music as it develops.
Special thanks to Eric Boeren for the show in Zaandam and Hans Martin for putting together another great time in Cologne.

BTW, I saw that movie about Chess Records on the plane over here (with Beyonce playing Etta James)….WOW WHAT A PIECE OF SHIT THAT WAS!

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